Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Beloved Kindle!

As it took a while for me to be convinced by the Kindle I decided to do a little post on it so that I could try and convince others to contemplate the wonder that is the E-Reader. I went for the Kindle purely because it was my Grandad's and when he passed away my Nan (knowing I was an avid reader) gave it to me! I was unconvinced and left it in my room for a few months.
My friend Dani (Pen to Paper) raved about the Kindle and showed me a few cheap books on Amazon that I could download that might get me into the Kindle! Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen certainly did that! I am now totally addicted and couldn't possibly imagine life without it. And! You don't need two hands which is great for lying in bed or on the beach. Sunlight?! definately not a problem, unlike some other E-readers I have read reviews about you can see the Kindle in bright sunlight and read your days away.

Don't get me wrong I still love a good paperback or hardback occasionally, but the thought of going on holiday without going over your weight limit because of the amount of books you've put in your suitcase is amazing and as you can see...

I really don't have a problem filling a suitcase!

Amazon says...

'Kindle is's #1 bestselling item for two years running. It's the most-wished-for, most-gifted, and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Now it's even better.

  • All-New, High-Contrast E Ink Screen – 50% better contrast with latest E Ink Pearl technology
  • Read in Bright Sunlight - No glare
  • New and Improved Fonts - New crisper, darker fonts
  • New Sleek Design – 21% smaller body while keeping the same 6" size reading area
  • 17% Lighter - Only 241 grams, weighs less than a paperback
  • Battery Life of Two Months - A single charge lasts up to two months with wireless off
  • Double the Storage - Up to 3,500 books
  • Built-In Wi-Fi - Connect at home or on the road
  • 20% Faster Page Turns - Seamless reading
  • Enhanced PDF Reader - With dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights
  • New WebKit-Based Browser - Browse the web over Wi-Fi (experimental) '
This is definately worth a buy, with the cheapest Kindle at £111 without 3G and £152 with, I'd say that it's the best gadget I've ever owned!


  1. I already knew that I had changed your mind on this, and what a wonderful thing I did :D

    Dani xx

  2. I would be lost without my kindle! It's so handy and I love having a portable library with a gazillion books on it :D

    Jenny :)

  3. But no matter how many books are on it there is never enough? Because that's how I am! :D


  4. I've been a little iffy when it comes to E-readers, only because I prefer to hold an actual book in my hand when I read. But I've been looking into them and an E-Reader would come in handy. My Borders closed months ago, and I have too many books as it is, so maybe an E-Reader would be good for me. Would definitely take up less space in my room :)

  5. Danielle I was exactly the same, the thought of not holding a book made me feel like I was betraying books as an art form! An E-Reader is amazing, it's the kind of thing that once you've got it, you wonder how you ever lived without it! :)

  6. loved my kindle. as in love love loved it. BUt the only thing i don tlike is that I cannot buy ebooks on amazon because it aint available on my country, australia.